Golden Myanmar Travel籌備於2014年,成立於2015年,屬於Golden Myanmar Capital Investment Co.,Ltd的旅遊事業部,是以“緬甸本土化”為旅游理念的工作模式,總部設於緬甸首善之區——仰光市,因應緬甸快速的發展及市場整合需求,三友集團予2016年正式投資入股成為策略聯盟夥伴關係。

Golden Myanmar Travels is a Myanmar localized company, which was established in 2015, belongs to the tourism division of Golden Myanmar Capital Investment Co., Ltd., which was established in 2015, and headquartered office is located in Myanmar's Economic City – Yangon. In order to meet the rapid development and market integration needs of Myanmar, Three Friends Group Company entered as a strategic alliance partnership in 2016.

緬甸是一個黃金國家,黃金色又是我們國家尊貴的象征。由熱愛緬甸的本土華人共同組織了Golden Myanmar Capital Investment Co.,Ltd. 資本投資公司,並且取得旅遊業執照Golden Myanmar Travel。因為我們認為觀光旅遊產業是無煙囪工業,美麗純樸的緬甸人文、自然、文化習俗,應該要被保護,並且發揚光大。讓緬甸的開放政策更具有意義,不再是讓國際投資者賺了錢,卻賠了緬甸的自然環境原始風帽。

Myanmar is a golden country, gold is a symbol of our national honor. As a result, several Myanmar-loving local Chinese have co-organized Golden Myanmar Capital Investment Co., Ltd. Capital Investment Company and obtained a tourism license Golden Myanmar Travel. Because we believe that the tourism industry is smokeless industry, beautiful and simple Myanmar culture, nature, cultural practices, should be protected, and carry forward. So that the opening policy of Myanmar is more meaningful, is no longer make money for international investors, but lost the original scenery of the natural environment of Myanmar.

旅遊網我們期待在未來可以提供國內外的愛緬甸的人士們得到高水準的服務。首先帶領外國旅客細細品味緬甸無限風情,再來也要帶領我們國家的人民出國體會其他國家的文化及風土民情,一定可以幫助我們國家的百姓增長見識。讓國家開放後,人民生活的富裕也透過旅遊提升國際視野,並且從國民外交中把緬甸推向全世界,讓國家開放真真能帶給我們人民幸福及盼望,所以期待Golden Myanmar 對內成為服務業榜樣,對外做好國民外交,讓緬甸成為亞洲之星。

In the future, we expect to be able to provide both domestic and foreign people who love Myanmar with high standards of service. First of all, to lead foreign tourists to savor Myanmar culture, customs and sceneries, and then also to lead our people to go abroad to experience the culture and local customs of other countries, which will certainly help our country people to grow knowledge. After the opening of the Myanmar country, people's living standard will enhance the international perspective through tourism. And from the national diplomacy of Myanmar to the world, so that the national open policy can really bring happiness and hope to the people, so in domestic, we Golden Myanmar look forward to be the model of the service industry, we do as a national diplomacy with foreign countries, and then hope Myanmar to become “a star of Asia”.


Scopes of Business: a full range of tourism services such as business meetings, market research, domestic and international tourism and air tickets, hotels, car rental, professional translation.


Business philosophy: With the slogan of "integrity, reality, internationality", make intimate services, careful planning, Myanmar characteristics services. The company has established a good relationship with travel agencies, hotels and teams all over the country by pursuing excellence and continuous improvement on the basis of satisfying customers' demands, continuously strengthening the continuous investment in manpower and technology, rapid development, to establish a high-quality service team and high-quality tour guides. All the Cooperation can make all types of tourism products more perfect, and strive to provide visitors with reliable and thoughtful, high quality tourism services.


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